Work Trade Applications are usually accepted in January – This year we are not using the Work Trade structure. Keep an eye out for other opportunities

Pathways Week:  Post Fire Gathering May 8-14, 2019


Thanks for your interest!  We have learned that a full work trade crew is essential to Buckeye running smoothly.

Work trade applications are now being accepted until the beginning of the Gathering you are applying for.  We hope to reply to all January applicants by February 7; your best chance to apply is during this window.  We keep work trade open until May because not all spots fill, and people cancel (we are often grateful for last minute applications).  If you apply later than January, we will endeavor to respond within two weeks.  

If accepted, you must secure your spot within a week by paying the $75 non-refundable deposit, a reduced rate to cover your food.  

 The deal: You work a full shift, you get in for a discounted rate. The shifts are of varying length, enough to get the job done completely. This will generally vary from 24 to 36 hours; we need your commitment to see your job to it’s natural finish!

General registration for Buckeye opens in early March.

We appreciate your effort and look forward to having a hoot together. We offer many work trade positions, but we cannot accommodate everyone who applies.

For any questions about work trade, please write:

Grins, the Buckeye Crew

Click this button to access the Work Trade Application Form.

Work Trade


Here are the areas of work trade that you can choose from:

For Kitchen (there are some prep shifts) and Registration please indicate if you are willing arrive 1 day early.  For Set Up please indicate your shift availabilityIf accepted, you may be asked to work in more than one area, including areas you did not list, as qualified, if the need arises.  Please let us know about limitations you have in any area.  In areas with a star*, tell us your physical capabilities.

*Set Up:  Clean, prepare site.  Chop wood, erect structures, physical labor.  Requires arriving early.  Shift dates: April 22-24, 23-25 or 26- April 29.  Please indicate availability/preference.

*Grounds Crew:  Onsite maintenance, general labor/chores: chop wood, check bathrooms, village runner, etc.  Shifts all week, during some classes.

Kitchen:  Prep, cook, volunteer coordination.  A few kitchen positions require arriving 1 day early. The kitchen needs the most work traders.

Wellness:  Medical / herbal experience, various modalities.  References help.  Seeking licensed EMTs for full time on call.  Only a few spots available.

Youth Camp:  Work all week with a youth leader to help integrate the young ones, including teens, into camp.  Requires experience & references.

Registration:  Arrive early, will be in addition to working in another area.  Only a few spots available, usually to people we have previous experience with.

*Take Down:  Clean, empty site.  Requires staying after.  Physical labor.  Shift dates:  4 days between Buckeye Week and Pathways Week and final takedown after Pathways


  1. I submitted my Work Trade application, but have not heard back. I want to go either way, but the Work Trade would make the experience far more viable. Can you let me know?

    (614) 565-5907

  2. Hi there!

    I just wanted to make sure that my work trade applications went through (I applied for both weeks).

    Thank you,

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