Work Trade

Thank you for considering work-trading on the Buckeye Team. It truly takes a village to build a village. Please read the commitments, work trade position descriptions and dates, and the FAQs before submitting an application.

Work Trade Commitments

Work Traders will need to commit to arrival and departure days and stay for the duration of their work trade position. The daily work schedule varies between the different positions. 

Full Work Trade

30 hours and $85 non-refundable deposit

½ Work Trade position

15 hours and $85 non-refundable deposit
+ $225 discount ticket

Work Trade


This is a small team of experienced cooks who arrive four days early to nourish the village builders. This is a great job if you can arrive three days early and help get us set up for a wonderful week. You must have catering and/or professional cooking experience and be comfortable working (standing, lifting, chopping, dishwashing) for 8 hours a day. The job requires arrival on April 24th and shifts are full days on 4/25, 4/26, and 4/27. You will also be asked to sign up for a few serving shifts during the gathering. The pay-off of this work trade position is that you do not have any scheduled shifts during class time.

Do you love to welcome people and help them ground down? The registration crew is a small team who plays a crucial role in the coming and goings of folks early in the gathering. This work trade job requires you to arrive on 4/26 and work long days on 4/27 & 4/28.  You will also be asked to sign up for a few serving shifts during the gathering to complete your work trade hours. This job is best for outgoing people who have attended Buckeye before and know the lay of the land. We only take 2-3 work traders for this role each year.

Do you want to help build the village? Join this hardworking crew for full days of land clearing, wood splitting, and structure building. You must be strong and able to work full days, outside in all elements. This work trade position is best suited for folks with landscaping and construction experience and physical stamina. The set-up crew will be fed well this year 🙂 Arrive early on 4/23 for full days on 4/24-4/26 and potentially some hours on 4/27.

Come learn how this gathering works behind the scenes and be part of a big group effort! 

This hybrid crew will arrive a couple days early and work pre-event shifts and then stay two full days after the gathering (5/5-5/6). Ability to commit and stay for breakdown is crucial for this role. This crew will help with firewood, structure construction, and arrival parking. After the event, this crew will help clean up, breakdown, and organize supplies. Adaptable, team players needed for this crew. Ability to lift and carry 50+ lbs and be on your feet for long periods of time also required.

This work-trade position is fast paced and requires stamina and commitment. As the largest crew, the Buckeye kitchen is both fun and demanding.  We cook for 600 people twice daily, with a lunch served to 150 staff and volunteers. As kitchen work-trade, you must be able and willing to stand on your feet for up to 6 hours a day, lift 25-50# multiple times throughout your shift, and be willing to wash dishes and help maintain a clean kitchen – all while having a sense of timeliness. This is a tight knit and loving team that thrives on a positive work environment. This position is best for folks with some cooking and dishwashing experience. Kitchen work traders work daily shifts from 4/28-5/4 for a total of 28-30 hours.

A specialized role for experienced first aid and medical practitioners. We only take 3 work trade folks in this role each year. In the application please be specific about your training, on-job experience, and any medical licenses you have. Wellness works daily shifts, 4-6 hours a day from 4/28 to 5/4 and has a mandatory orientation training on 4/27. 

Work within Wellness and learn about village health, herbal medicine, and sanitation best practices. This position will work around meal-time to set up sanitary hand washing and dishwashing stations each day. This team will also assist in the Wellness Camp with fire tending and herbal medicine making. This is an important but not glamorous job that will require you to miss class time. Bring your passion for health, can-do attitude, and a willingness to learn. Successful Health and Safety Crew work traders need to be able to take direction, lift and carry water, be on their feet, and assist where needed.  This is a great job for someone interested in pursuing first aid, public health, or medical training. This position will work twice daily shifts on 4/28- 5/4 and have an orientation/training shift on 4/27.

This year we are doing this work trade position as a ½ time positon.  What does that mean? You will work each day for 3 hours during the gathering, and the rest of the time is your own in exchange for a reduced ticket price. Grounds Crew helps keep the village clean and safe. This work trade position is best suited to folks with “handyperson” experience, people who are good with hand tools, and people who can see what needs to be done (and do it!). This position requires lifting up to 50lbs, walking far distances, being self-directed after a daily check-in, and good communication skills. This job can be suitable for parents with children, as long as you can complete the tasks with your helpers in tow. 


Applications will be processed between January 22 and February16th. Final decisions will be made in advance of general registration opening so you can plan accordingly.

In general, teens must be 15 years or older to apply for work trade on their own, tough some positions require more experienced folks.

This deposit helps cover a portion of food expenses for work traders as well as administrative time for the small but mighty Buckeye staff.

For set-up and break down positions, you will be fed three meals a days on the days you work a full shift.  For most work trade positions you will be fed the same as the full-price ticket holders–twice a day (breakfast and dinner). Please bring snacks and lunch. 

Most positions are fast paced, focused, and not suitable for bringing your kids along. Please plan childcare (friend, family) as children cannot be unattended while you are work trading.  If you have pre-teens or teens who would like to shadow and help you, please email after submitting your application. 

Each family member will need a ticket too.  If you don’t secure a ticket during general admission then please contact us and we will help you directly. 

Please contact our Work Trade Coordinator at The Work Trade Coordinator works part time so response will not be immediate but within 4-5 days. 

Submit an Application

The best way to be accepted for a work trade position at Buckeye is to read this entire application first, then answer all the questions briefly & completely.  We do receive a high number of applications for approximately 30 positions, so not everyone who applies will make it on the work trade team. We will notify you prior to general registration opening so you have time to buy a ticket if needed.

January 22nd – February 16th is the primary application window. Applications after this time will be accepted on a rolling basis as openings remain or if cancellations occur.  The sooner you apply the easier it is for planning.  

* After you push the submit button on your application be sure to scroll all the way back up as there is a photo quiz to prove you are not a robot.


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Applications will be processed between January 22nd – February 16th