Work Trade 2023 

Deep Gratitude to all Work Traders.

 Work Trade is currently closed. Thank you to everyone who applied! We’ve had a lot of great applications this year. We truly could not do it without you.


Thanks for your interest!  We have learned that a full work trade crew is essential to Buckeye running smoothly.

If accepted, you must secure your spot within a week by paying the $85 non-refundable work trade fee.  

 The deal: You work a full shift, you get in for a discounted rate. The shifts are of varying length, enough to get the job done completely. This will generally vary from 24 to 36 hours; we need your commitment to see your job to it’s natural finish!

General registration for Buckeye opens in mid March.

We appreciate your effort and look forward to having a hoot together. We offer many work trade positions, but we cannot accommodate everyone who applies. We like to have folks join the team for multiple years. Continuity makes the jobs easier for everyone.

For any questions about work trade, please write:

*a note about age: In general, teens must be 15 years or older to apply for work trade, though some positions require more experienced folks.  Adults with pre-teens and youngers may still apply for work trade positions and have their teen “shadow” for job experience and contribute to the work trade shifts; this generally requires purchasing a ticket for them.  Please specify in your application what your needs, capacity, and support for youth care are.


Here are the areas of work trade that you can choose from:

*Set Up and Take DownGreat way to get behind the scenes and help build the village–prepare site, move and chop wood, erect/derect structures, physical labor. Requires arriving 3-4 days early and staying until the following Monday.  We are in current redesign of our crews to balance out the labor so folks don’t work way more than 36 hours. We are also looking for more folks with full sized trucks to pull trailers/move trailers this year. 

*Grounds Crew and Take Down:  Onsite maintenance, general labor/chores: chop wood, check bathrooms, village runner, etc.  Shifts all week (you will miss some class time).  Requires staying until the following Monday to help with take-down and cleanup.

Kitchen:  Prep, cook, dish washing, volunteer coordination.  A few kitchen positions require arriving 2 days early and staying after to clean and organize. The kitchen usually needs the most work traders. Shifts are all week and require missing classes.

Wellness:  Medical / herbal experience, various modalities.  References needed.  Seeking licensed EMTs for full time on call.  Only 1-2 spots available; this team may be full, so don’t hang your hat on this one. 

Youth Camp: Work all week with a youth leader to help integrate the youngers into camp. We will likely have youngers, tweens, and teen programs (specify your experience). Requires previous work, volunteer, or related experience with children. Please provide two references with contact information.

Registration:  Arrive early for a couple longs shifts then help minimally during the week. Only 2 spots available.