At Buckeye we gather around reverence for all of life, around ancient knowledge and life-giving practices. We gather around craft, beauty and connection. We are exploring and rediscovering how to embody a reciprocal relationship with the earth. We are intentionally focused on building a healthy culture that deepens connection among all beings. It’s a place that people return to year after year to celebrate the spring and share wisdom and ideas with one another.



We are a watering hole for embodying our ancestral roots. What all of our ancestors had in common was each other, being in community and a shared culture deeply rooted in place. In pre-industrial times people were more tapped into the rhythms and wisdom of nature, ceremonies rose out of reverence and direct relationship with the land, and so did tools, homes, vessels, everything really. We gather to practice, to be immersed in life-ways that help us remember our deepest humanity grounded in love and connection to all of life.

vision fire
vision baskets