The Land

The Buckeye Gathering is held at the Lake Concow Campground on land that is the traditional land of the Koncow Valley Band of Maidus. We recognize that these are stolen lands that the Maidus never willingly gave up. We recognize that the Maidu people are still here struggling to regain and maintain their sovereignty, culture, and land.


We also recognize that a mere land acknowledgement is not nearly enough to erase the pain and to heal the wounds of nearly 200 years of colonization. What native people need today are strong allies. People and organizations that can help them regain their sovereignty. People who can support their cultural practices. People who can help them in their quest to regain ancestral land back. People who can ask, “What kind of help do you need today?”


We invite the Koncow Valley Band of Maidus to come to our gathering to meet and work with our community in any way that feels right for them. We can learn from them, they can learn from us. We commit to be strong allies to their cultural and tribal endeavors. We ask that all of us do the same. Here are some links to begin your journey to support the Maidus and other Indigenous people of Northern California.


~Composed by Edward Redbird Willie
Pomo, Paiute, Wintu, Wailaki

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Northern California Tribal Groups and Organizations

Koncow Valley Band of Maidus

The Konkow Valley Band of Maidu Indians are a California State Native American Community tribe whose traditional territory loosely ranges from Belden, California in what is now Plumas County, down to Table Mountain in Butte County. Since time immemorial, community members lived and thrived in much of the areas lining highway 70 in the Plumas National Forest. Territorial boundaries are shared with Tyme Maidu, Mechoopda Maidu, and Mountain Maidu communities. As original stewards of the land and waterways, tribal leadership works tirelessly to protect, restore, and advocate for the cultural resources of the region.

Maidu Summit Consortium

Their mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the Mountain Maidu Homeland with a united voice. The Maidu Summit Consortium envisions re-acquired ancestral lands as a vast and unique park system dedicated to the purposes of education, healing, protection, and ecosystem management based upon the Maidu cultural and philosophic perspectives, as expressed through traditional ecology.

Greenville Rancheria 

Greenville Rancheria provides many services to the communities of Greenville and Red Bluff. All members of the community, Indian and non-Indian, are welcome.


More info on Wikipedia. 

tribal buildings were destroyed in the Dixie fire.

California Indian Basketweavers Association

CIBA’s vision is to preserve, promote and perpetuate California Indian basketweaving traditions while providing a healthy physical, social, spiritual and economic environment for basketweavers.

Michoopda Maidu Rancheria (Chico)

The ancestral village of the Mikćapdo was located on Little Butte Creek, less than 4 miles south of downtown Chico. The people of Mechoopda survived based on strategies, technologies and knowledge associated with a “hunting and gathering” economy. Today, the Mechoopda Indian Tribe is a federally recognized tribe comprised of 560 Tribal Members and governed by a Tribal Council elected by the General Membership. We welcome you to learn more about our people, history and culture.

Chico Traditional Ecological Stewardship Program

We are building a TEK-certified workforce to perform much-needed ecosystem restoration, climate change adaptation, disaster recovery & wildfire mitigation work in Butte County, California

Winnemum Wintu  

A traditional tribe that comes from Bullium Puuyuuk (Mt. Shasta), protecting rivers, restoring salmon and fighting to preserve our culture and lifeway.

Pit River Tribe

The Pit River Tribe is a Tribe comprised of eleven (11) autonomous bands: Ajumawi, Atsugewi, Atwamsini, Ilmawi, Astarawi, Hammawi, Hewisedawi, Itsatawi, Aporige, Kosalektawi, and Madesi, that since time immemorial have resided in the area known as the 100-mile square, located in parts of Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc, and Lassen Counties in the State of California.