The Koncow Valley Band of Maidus are the only original inhabitants of the land where our gathering is held. We have corrected some mistakes in our acknowledgement portion of this page, below.

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

~ Audre Lorde

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Reparations

The Buckeye Gathering is well underway and Registration is now closed

‘Ancestral skills’ are the complex life ways that are in the roots of everyone on the planet.  We all have connection to earth based, Animist peoples in our lineage; some of us very recently, some of us very far back, and many of us with complex mixes of various bloodlines.  Our vision is to be a watering hole for global ancestries, and to be able to water these healthy, earth-based roots together.

In order for settler colonialism to invade Turtle Island, white / European colonizers specifically targeted Indigenous people, enslaved African people, and constructed race to support a class-based society.  We live in a world that influences where we live, our experiences in public and private, our health, our communities and much more based on the color of our skin. These barriers, in our case, lead to situations where white people have more access to nature connection and skills opportunities ~ and the health, vitality, self-determination and resilience benefits.

We offer this humble expression of reparations to plant seeds of repair from within our own community.  We are doing our best to learn as we go along and foster access where it has explicitly been denied, and also address how inequality is unconsciously perpetuated by majority white spaces. We are inviting teachings to reclaim Animist ancestry from around the globe: myth, culture, lifeways that help us all water our own specific roots.

There is so much complexity to this conversation; we evolve and we invite curiosity, inquiry, love, and compassion to our collective learning.  Our multigenerational vision is to cultivate spaces that are genuinely empowering for everyone who wishes to join, and build coalitions for transcending capitalism.  Earth skills are a way to reclaim our heritages, reconnect to ancestors who had the strength that comes from not being industrially reliant, and re-weave our community resilience.

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Some of the 2015 recipients, chaperones, and members of the Buckeye Native Youth Scholarship committee. In past years we have enjoyed the company of native youth from all parts of the state and other states as well, from as far as New Mexico and South Dakota.

Land Acknowledgement

The Buckeye Gathering is held at the Lake Concow Campground on land that is the traditional land of the Koncow Valley Band of Maidus. We recognize that these are stolen lands that the Maidus never willingly gave up. We recognize that the Maidu people are still here struggling to regain and maintain their sovereignty, culture, and land. 

We also recognize that a mere land acknowledgement is not nearly enough to erase the pain and to heal the wounds of nearly 200 years of colonization. What native people need today are strong allies. People and organizations that can help them regain their sovereignty. People who can support their cultural practices. People who can help them in their quest to regain traditional land back. People who can ask, “What kind of help do you need today?”

We invite the Maidus to come to our gathering to meet and work with our community in any way that feels right for them. We can learn from them, they can learn from us. We commit to be strong allies to their cultural and tribal endeavors. We ask that all of us do the same. Here are some links to begin your journey to support the Maidus and other Indigenous people of Northern California.

~ Composed by Edward Redbird Willie;  Pomo, Paiute, Wintu, Wailaki


Links to other Northern California Tribal Organizations

Maidu Summit Consortium Their mission is to preserve, protect, and promote the Mountain Maidu Homeland with a united voice. The Maidu Summit Consortium envisions re-acquired ancestral lands as a vast and unique park system dedicated to the purposes of education, healing, protection, and ecosystem management based upon the Maidu cultural and philosophic perspectives, as expressed through traditional ecology.

Greenville Rancheria

Wikapedia entry:

Greenville tribal buildings destroyed in the Dixie fire:

California Indian Basketweavers Association CIBA’s vision is to preserve, promote and perpetuate California Indian basketweaving traditions while providing a healthy physical, social, spiritual and economic environment for basketweavers.

Michoopda Maidu Rancheria (Chico) The ancestral village of the Mikćapdo was located on Little Butte Creek, less than 4 miles south of downtown Chico. The people of Mechoopda survived based on strategies, technologies and knowledge associated with a “hunting and gathering” economy. Today, the Mechoopda Indian Tribe is a federally recognized tribe comprised of 560 Tribal Members and governed by a Tribal Council elected by the General Membership. We welcome you to learn more about our people, history and culture.

Chico Traditional Ecological Stewardship Program We are building a TEK-certified workforce to perform much-needed ecosystem restoration, climate change adaptation, disaster recovery & wildfire mitigation work in Butte County, California

Winnemum Wintu A traditional tribe that comes from Bullium Puuyuuk (Mt. Shasta), protecting rivers, restoring salmon and fighting to preserve our culture and lifeway.

Pit River Tribe The Pit River Tribe is a Tribe comprised of eleven (11) autonomous bands: Ajumawi, Atsugewi, Atwamsini, Ilmawi, Astarawi, Hammawi, Hewisedawi, Itsatawi, Aporige, Kosalektawi, and Madesi, that since time immemorial have resided in the area known as the 100-mile square, located in parts of Shasta, Siskiyou, Modoc, and Lassen Counties in the State of California.

The 2022 Buckeye Gathering is well underway and Registration is now closed

These tickets are for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who have experienced the impacts of racism. They will remain available after registration fills up.  We offer a sliding scale to choose what fits your personal situation and capacity. Feel free to be in touch at: with any questions or conversation, especially around how we may continue to expand access to folks who are psyched about ancestral skills.

Chaperone tickets for youth 18 and under are also available. Chaperones do not need to be BIPOC.  Larger groups may require multiple chaperones. We can also help with materials fees during the gathering for classes that require them.

The Buckeye Gathering is an annual week-long educational event offering an immersion into ancestral skills and traditional arts in a village style campout at Lake Conkow Campground, California. We exist to encourage a connection between the past and present and to foster unity through our common heritage of living skills. Classes include: friction fire, plant fiber cordage, flint knapping, local Native culture, stone, bone & wood tools, basket weaving, buckskin, pottery, nature awareness, tracking, local flora & fauna i.d., natural pigments, hunting, trapping, primitive weaponry, fiber/textile arts, herbal medicine, shelter building, games, storytelling and more.

Buckeye is a drug and alcohol free event