Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Reparations

Reparations tickets are available on the registration page on March 9th, 12pm PST.

‘Ancestral skills’ are the complex life ways that are in the roots of everyone on the planet. We all have connection to earth based, animist peoples in our lineage; some of us very recently, some of us very far back, and many of us with complex mixes of various bloodlines. Our vision is to be a watering hole for global ancestries, and to be able to water these healthy, earth-based roots together.

In order for settler colonialism to invade Turtle Island, white / European colonizers specifically targeted Indigenous people, enslaved African people, and constructed race to support a class-based society. We live in a world that influences where we live, our experiences in public and private, our health, our communities and much more based on the color of our skin. These barriers, in our case, lead to situations where white people have more access to nature connection and skills opportunities and the health, vitality, self-determination and resilience benefits.

We offer this humble expression of reparations to plant seeds of repair from within our own community. We are doing our best to learn as we go along and foster access where it has explicitly been denied, and also address how inequality is unconsciously perpetuated by majority white spaces. We are inviting teachings to reclaim our ancestries from around the globe: myth, culture, and life-ways that help us all water our own specific roots.

There is so much complexity to this conversation; we evolve and we invite curiosity, inquiry, love, and compassion to our collective learning. Our multigenerational vision is to cultivate spaces that are genuinely empowering for everyone who wishes to join, and build coalitions for transcending capitalism. Earth skills are a way to reclaim our heritages, reconnect to ancestors who had the strength that comes from not being industrially reliant, and re-weave our community resilience.

Your donation will go directly to our reparations fund for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to attend Buckeye at the price of their choosing.

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Reparations: the details and registration

Welcome ~ thanks for looking deeper into what coming to Buckeye might be like! Reparations tickets are for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who have experienced the impacts of racism. We’d like to offer you a little background, to help orient as you consider joining us. We recognize there is a wide diversity of different needs of attendees, and are offering this in the spirit of support where it may serve.

In 2022, Buckeye’s several-year collaboration with Holistic Resistance blossomed into a 5-10 year plan for intentional integration of the disproportionately white space. We are moving at a pace that is both fully committed and fosters grounded relationships over urgency.

You can expect several BIPoC and white staff people devoted to supporting BIPoC onsite, as well as a dedicated BIPoC sanctuary space, which is a big tent near central camp that can be a good place to meet folks and get oriented. So far, the sanctuary has been well attended and received good feedback. Some folks spend a lot of time in the sanctuary: cooking, having classes, camping out, just chilling. On the first day of classes, most everyone in camp is taking part in land-tending, and there is an (optional) BIPoC land-tending group.

There are also white staff members dedicated to conversations with other white folks, in the interest of both warmly inviting everyone into this work together and taking the potential burden off of BIPoC folks when white people have feelings about racial work.

It can be more disorienting to arrive late, after the opening circle on Sunday afternoon. If that’s you, feel free to ask around the community, including staff, for an update. 

You are welcome to opt out of the volunteer shifts on the sign up board at the entrance gate, and the registration staff knows this. The food is mostly organic; there are always vegetarian options, and meat is offered ⅔ of the dinners. We often serve soups and stews, with a grain, vegetables, and a protein. Although there are stumps and logs to sit on in places, most of the seating is on the earth.

Our overall attempt is to create an atmosphere that offers support and space where it is needed, so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy connecting over ancestral skills.

Reparation tickets are for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who have experienced the impacts of racism. We offer a sliding scale to choose what fits your personal situation and ability. Chaperone tickets for youth 18 and under are also available. Chaperones do not need to be BIPOC. Larger groups may require multiple chaperones.


Feel free to be in touch at with any questions or conversation, especially around how we may continue to expand access to folks who are excited about ancestral skills. We do our best to respond to feedback, and if you choose to join the community this year, we would love to hear how the experience is for you.