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Pathways 2018: Pottery


Pottery: A Pathways Workshop

Pottery ~ Kelly Magleby

May 8-14, 2018            

Age Limit: 15 years +, 8yrs w/ guardian

Material fee: $25

We offer sliding scale prices so that if you can afford to pay more you can help us keep the base prices low for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend.  

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Primitive Pottery ~ Kelly Magleby

We will get in-depth with all the steps in the process of pottery making, from finding and processing clay from the land, to shaping, painting with plant and earth pigments and different ways to fire.

$25 materials fee

Class Size: Up to 10

Age Limit: 15 on their own, 8 with a gaurdian

Kelly Magleby is a primitive potter and who is inspired by the ceramic art of the southwest, particularly of the ancient Anasazi culture. She has been travelling and teaching pottery for seven years with a focus on how various landscapes shape culture, art and design.  Kelly is interested in promoting clay as a path to re-connect to the earth using all the elements.

Kelly currently lives in Orem, Utah with her two daughters, and an assortment of animal friends.  




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