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    Hello – this is my first time going to Buckeye and I am searching for a ride to and from the Gathering. I hope to arrive as soon as gates open and to leave after closing circle and perhaps after even helping break down a bit (if this is a thing). Open to other arrival and departure times. Open to different carpools there and back. Would love to share gas costs and to gift you an item of jewelry (I make both masculine and feminine items). Thank you!


    Hi, Nya. I’m leaving for the Gathering from Sebastopol late morning on Friday. I plan to return the following Saturday after lending a hand to break camp. The car is smallish (Corolla sedan) and can fit one person with some gear and another with minimal gear. If you’re still looking for a ride, call me at 707-791-3621 (landline, no texting capability). Blessings, Tricia


    Thanks Tricia and it was nice talking to you today. Have a safe drive up tomorrow.

    I ended up acquiring a car to drive myself Saturday (and importantly to get myself home in time for my job).

    See you at Buckeye!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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