buckeye Gathering

April 28-May 4, 2024

Welcome to All

This year we will gather April 28-May4

Each spring around 500 people come together on the shores of Lake Concow to deepen our relationship with land-based ancestral skills.  This gathering is a healing endeavor and an antidote to an era of disconnection and distraction. To simply share meals, circle around the fire, sleep under the stars and spend our days learning, practicing, and embodying land-based skills is essential, and nourishing to our human existence.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to join us for 4 days of classes, a day of land tending, evenings around the fire to create music, share stories and simply be with people in nature.

We welcome all ages, ethnicities, beliefs and abilities and we are trans and queer friendly. For more details about how we are actively engaged in equity and access, check out our Reparations. We recognize that the Buckeye Gathering takes place at a site with uneven ground and limited access to people with disabilities. However, the site is relatively flat around the central fire and kitchen area, with a dirt road accessing this area. It is possible to camp closer in towards the central fire and we are here to help link you up with people for the week that can support your needs.


We will have opening and closing ceremonies, simple rituals to arrive & orient, then to depart in peace from our collective experience. What guided us into Buckeye is a collective spirit, and we hope to offer a space where folks of any belief feel at ease and among friends.


Our classes are the heart of the gathering. There are many different ways to enjoy the classes at Buckeye. You might sign up for a 3 or 4 day deep dive into hide tanning, shoe making or basket weaving. You can also enjoy a day long or an afternoon class and learn something different each day. Check out our sample schedule below.

gathering classes basket



gathering classes tanning


gathering classes distilling
gathering classes fire


gathering classes baskets
gathering classes weaving


gathering classes blacksmithing
gathering classes tule boat
gathering classes herbs

Land Tending

We will spend our first full day together as a group tending the land that holds and nourishes us. We will break into several small groups that are led by people who have strong relationships to this area. This land tending day has become a tradition at Buckeye because we know that it’s invaluable to collectively remember how to truly be in reciprocal relationship with the land. Without healthy ecosystems that know they are loved and respected none of the skills we teach would be possible.

gathering land tending

Trade Blankets & Barter Fair

Sometime during the week there will be a trade blanket or two, and on Thursday we have a camp-wide barter fair in the afternoon. Bring trade goods and money for the crafts and resources that will be available from instructors and fellow classmates throughout the week. Many of our instructors make their living as makers and this is a wonderful opportunity to support local artists and buy or trade for some amazing handmade items. We are encouraging a handmade trade and gift economy, so we welcome all kinds of homemade goods.

gathering barter fair


This is a family-oriented event.  Many children have returned year after year, growing up among friends at the Buckeye Gathering. There is youth programing for all ages and magic everywhere for young ones to be a part of including, boat building, pottery, games, story-telling, fire-making and tending, animal tracking, making cordage and more. 

gathering family

Evening Magic

Evenings at Buckeye are emergent and full of opportunities to connect with new and old friends, sit by the fire, hear or tell stories, create music together. There will be music performance, a trade blanket for adults and kids, lectures, presentations and more.

gathering evening magic music
gathering evening fire


Thanks for inquiring about registration for the Buckeye Gathering. Spaces are limited and tickets often sell out the same day that registration opens. We open registration March 9th at 12pm PST. Please join our mailing list to be notified and updated about registration.


Working at the gathering is a great way to join our community and experience the gathering at a discounted rate. There are work positions available in a variety of areas like: set up, kitchen, wellness, grounds crew. Find out more to see if this is the right option for you!


There is a lot to know about the day to day at Buckeye. Find out more about our location, food, water, camping, what to bring, our schedule, youth camp and more.