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Pathways: Weaving of the World


Weaving of the World: A Pathways Workshop
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May 10-16            

Materials fee: $5.00-30.00 (depending on project(s) selected)
(to be paid to instructor at event)

Age Limit: 13 years +

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Product Description

Weaving techniques overview of the entire world and discussion of different weaving regions all over the globe.  

Materials from all over the world will be available for people to try out and topics taught will depends on what individual students want to learn.

A huge teaching collection will be there to look at….examples, split bamboo, cane, willow, birch, lots of grassy and leafy things, barks, roots, you name it……

Also include dyes and soft string basketry from all over the world.

Here are some more funny things people can do.

“Extreme” weaving series

Part 1- “Walk out and weave”- an excursion with no tools whatsoever to weave plaited, twined, wicker and/or coiling from whatever there is. Secrets to learn will include splitting and harvesting with no tools. (Students caught with tools that day, will be asked to swim across the lake…..)

Part 2- “How tight can you make it?” – a class in watertight close weaves and stable, solid open weaves. Bring a project you would like to improve upon in any style. Materials provided for those without a set project. (Hemorrhoidal cream also provided…..).

Part 3- “How small can you make it?” for the truly insane weaver. Make tiny, even, tight weaves of many styles and materials. Material provided. Advanced and quiet students only. (I reserve the right to dismiss students for sneezing….)

Materials fee: $5.00-30.00 (depending on project(s) selected)
(to be paid to instructor at event)

Age Limit: 13 years +

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