Pathways: Tule Boat


Tule Boat: A Pathways Workshop

May 10-16
Age Limit:
10 years +

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Take a personal journey into building and using tule boats.

Students will pair and and build a 2 person tule boat from start to finish with emphasis on connecting with the whole experience and getting to know the Tules by:

  • Understanding harvesting techniques
  • Habitat awareness
  • Bigger picture ethics of harvesting, etc.
  • Boat Design
  • Construction techniques and weaving principals development.

Side projects will emphasize:

  • Cordage making using Cattails
  • Using basic hand tools
  • Wood working to split it down and carve canoe paddles
  • Using the boats for transport and harvest

Age Limit: 10 years +

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Youth 10-16

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