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Pathways 2018: All Things Tule


All Things Tule: A Pathways Workshop

May 8 – 14, 2018

Materials Fee: $9

Age Limit: 16 years +

We offer sliding scale prices so that if you can afford to pay more you can help us keep the base prices low for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.  

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All Things Tule ~ Dino Labiste

Dense patches of tule rise like forests of green spikes from wetlands or areas of seasonal flooding. Once you recognize the genus, you will see them everywhere. Come and explore the world of Tule Ethnobotany. We’ll learn what makes tule, a large bulrush that is abundant in marshy areas of California and all over North America, such a versatile and practical plant for cultural uses. Tule was made into baskets, mats, dolls & toys, boats, slings, duck decoys, sandals, thatched houses, visors and clothing. Even the rhizomes, a continuously growing horizontal underground root, was eaten.

In this weeklong immersion you’ll learn:

-The botany of tule. How to identify the genus and where tule grows.

-How and when to gather, dry and prepare tule for a particular purpose.

-Twining techniques

-Making cultural items out of tule: mat, visor, sandal, basket, model boat and other utilitarian uses.

-Incorporating tule into educational programs, teaching traditional skills, school curriculum and conservation.

You learn by observing, deducing and applying, which leads to a deeper understanding and respect of tule and the environment. Come and join me on an adventure of learning and a relationship with our natural world. Start your journey with “shoshin”, a beginner’s mind. Knowledge is not complete until it is passed on.


Materials Fee: $9

Age Limit: 16 years +

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