Pathways 2018: Where Do You Live


Tracking: A Pathways Workshop

Where Do You Live? ~ Meghan Walla-Murphy

How Tracks, Signs, and Pattern Literacy Helps You to Better Understand Your Home

May 8-14, 2018            

Age Limit: 14 years +

We offer sliding scale prices so that if you can afford to pay more you can help us keep the base prices low for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.  

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Where Do You Live? ~ Meghan Walla-Murphy

How Tracks, Signs, and Pattern Literacy Helps You to Better Understand Your Home

I am excited to welcome you to a weeklong intensive of animal tracking, behavior, ecology, and animal medicine. Unlike a one day class, this in-depth multi-day exploration of track and sign will build your pattern literacy and offer skills on how to read a landscape. As we explore the stories left on the landscape by the animals, you will learn the tools that will allow you to answer your tracking questions on your own, regardless of where you call home.  

Daily practices include:

  • Story
  • Journaling
  • Research
  • Mapping
  • Bird Language
  • Trailing
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Track Plates
  • Wildlife cameras
  • Gaits
  • Ageing Tracks
  • Baseline behaviors
  • Tracking in Wildlife conservation

After more than 20 years of the deeply practicing the art of tracking, I have come to understand that tracking my internal landscape is as important as reading my external landscape. More often than not the patterns we see ecologically mirror our internal landscapes, whether it is in the intimacy of our family unit or in a larger cultural context. While we immerse ourselves in practical dirt time, we will also look at tracking as a metaphor for emotional, political and social patterns.
By the end of our time together we will each walk away with not only a better understanding of Lake Concow and its many animal species, but also with the knowledge to establish this same Sense of Place both externally and internally, where ever you may call home.

Age Limit: 14+

Meghan Walla-Murphy Bio:

As a wildlife ecologist, author, and an educator of both young people and adults I am often asked what is the most important way to “show up” during this interesting and inspiring environmentally, socially, and  politically wrought time? I too have asked myself this question and pondered it deeply. And the bit of action I keep returning too is this… To know one bit of land deeply and well over a long period of time. Because what would it be like if our Congress and our politicians, our activists,  no matter what their beliefs, knew a tree well, or had compassion for a lizard? For when we can create empathy for something as Other as a lizard, a Muslim or Republican becomes far less scary and much more approachable. And with that empathy, it seems to me, xenophobia fades away. I believe our work right now is to create relationships, to embrace the Other, and bridge the differences.

Because of this deep belief of being in relationship with things other than Humans, I have spent the past 20years dedicating myself to the art of wildlife tracking. This dedication has now become the lens through which I see my world, allowing me to have great tolerance for those people and moments that are uncomfortable. Tracking continually teaches me to get out of my own way, observe what is beyond me, and be aware of things other than my agenda. It has also given me the skills to read a landscape, better understand ecology, and apply these to conservation and social justice challenges in my community. During Pathways, I look forward to sharing my tracking story and also learning from you. For more details about my academic and professional background feel free to visit my website or contact me at

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