Pathways 2018: Green Woodworking


Green Woodworking: A Pathways Workshop

May 8-14, 2018            

Materials fee: none

Age Limit: 13 years +

Younger children on case by case basis.

We offer sliding scale prices so that if you can afford to pay more you can help us keep the base prices low for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.  

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Instructor: Kiko Denzer 

Kiko using one of his foot pumped lathes. 

In this Green Woodworking intensive Kiko Denzer will teach you to make all kinds of practical household items from green wood: chopsticks, butter spreaders, cutting boards, limb hooks, eating spoons, ladles, spatulas and other cooking utensils as well as shrink boxes (canisters made from hollowed whole branches), small cups, and bowls. We’ll also cover basic decorative techniques, including chip carving, kolrosing, 3-d sculpture, paints, and oil finishes. 

Class will include discussion, demonstrations, and practice. We’ll cover tools, knife and axe technique, use of the froe for splitting and dividing timber into useable lumber, shave horse and draw knife, the dynamics of wood, grain and shrinkage, sharpening theory and practice, and design. As I will only be able to bring one lathe, I will demonstrate basic bowl-turning technique, and then we’ll arrange for interested students to take turns trying it out. 

Materials to bring: Mora Blade 106 or something close, preferably w/a Scandinavian grind

Mora blade 106

and any other hand tools you’d like to bring — especially a carving hatchet.

Gränsfors Bruk carving hatchet


Class size: 8-10

Age Limit: 13 years +

Children younger than 13 need to confer with the Kiko before registering.


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Teen 13-16

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