Pathways 2018: Cordage


All Things Twisted: A Pathways Workshop

May 8-14, 2018            

Materials fee: $50.00
(to be paid to instructor at event)

Age Limit: 8 with an adult, 12+ w/o an adult

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All Things Twisted ~ Tamara Wilder

Immerse yourself in the world of plant & animal fibers.

Learn all about native & naturalized plants, discuss the processing and characteristics of fibers in general, extract fibers from a variety of sources, and learn ways those fibers are used to make string, ropes, nets, belts and much more.

It’s all about the energy of the twist!  In this intensive week, we will explore the different aspects of what makes this essential craft work, how people figured it out by observing natural phenomenon and the many ways that this knowledge can be applied to create beautiful and durable products that have been pillars of our existence for tens of thousands of years.  This week also includes: three ply string, knotless & knotted netting, net-making tools, cordage weaving techniques, cardweaving, ropemaking and much more.

$50 materials fee

Age Limit: 8 with an adult, 12+ w/o an adult

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