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Pathways 2018: Bowmaking


Bowmaking: A Pathways Workshop

May 8 – 14, 2018

“Osage Bow Making”

In this class students will learn the art of bow making with traditional hand tools and emerge with a self crafted weapon they can be proud of.

Age limit: 18 years +

We offer sliding scale prices so that if you can afford to pay more you can help us keep the base prices low for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.  

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Bow Making ~ Paul Rodgers

“Osage Bow Making”

Topics covered will include:

  • stave harvest and selection

  • how to lay out, cut splices and glue sister billets together

  • scraping, shaping and tillering until the bow bends properly

  • cutting in nocks

  •  making a traditional linen bow string

  • and applying a finish

We will also discuss different styles of bows, as well as bow design and performance.
All necessary tools and materials will be furnished.

Shaping staves into bows

Age Limit: 18 years +

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