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Pathways: Firemaking


Fire making: A Pathways Workshop

May 10-16
Age Limit:
12 years +

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Fire From Concept to Combustion and Beyond


Learn how to feel confident with fire in a variety of settings, in a variety of conditions with a variety of materials.  Spending an entire week focusing on friction fire, one connects with the spark on a deeper level and becomes much more at home with the craft and process, which is one of the core and most important of all the human life skills.

This class is for everyone: men and women alike, from first-timers to experienced firemakers.

Aimed specifically at learning and practicing techniques to become consistently effective, comfortable and adept at producing friction fire via the hand drill method for those with or without previous experience.

The main focus will be on hand-drill:.

  • -developing relaxed, natural and efficient technique
  • -gathering and ID of materials useful for firemaking
  • -learning to read the landscape for firemaking materials
  • -creating fire in less than perfect circumstances from found materials
  • -making your own high quality kit to take home
  • -kit storage and transport

    The secondary focus will be on fire itself:
  • -anatomy of tinder bundle for best results
  • -carrying fire
  • -using fire to live and stay comfortable on overnight excursion
  • -managing fire for variety of purposes: cooking, smoking, warmth, etc….
  • -tending fire
  • -other firemaking methods
  • All without wearing ourselves or hurting our hands

Age Limit: 12 years +

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Youth 12-16

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