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Pathways: Felting


Felting: A Pathways Workshop

May 10-16
Age Limit:
18 years +

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In this 5 days we will have much more time for the details of felting that I just don’t have time for at the one day classes such as:

  • -How to lay up the fiber in a way that it will finally shrink up the way you want.
  • -How to work different fibers like alpaca, buffalo and the different felting breeds of sheep.

We will also work on:

  • needle felting versus wet felting designs
  • nuno felting (where you can felt to fabrics, for soft but strong clothing like halter tops and skirts for summer wear)

     We will prep all our wool from raw animal fleece, and will be focusing on larger projects creating long lasting creative clothing and footwear.

Age Limit: 18 years +

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