Pathways helpers; teacher support & financial aid

New! : Two ways to attend Buckeye: Pathways for discounted rates
1. Become an instructor ‘helper’ for your Pathway (see below)
2.  Apply for Financial Aid here

During Pathways May 10-16, 2017, teachers will be leading groups of students for five days in one focused class.  To support our teachers, each class will have one or two ‘helpers’.  These folks will be carrying materials, setting up spaces, running errands, getting food, etc:  anything that can free up the instructor to focus on teaching.  

Helpers will miss little to none of the class time, but will need to be steadily available to do whatever is needed, especially before and after classes.  There are no prerequisites beyond willingness and commitment to the role.
In exchange, you receive a $100 discount on your class cost.
If you are interested in attending Pathways as an instructor helper, please email us at to tell us which course you are interesting in and we can tell you if there are still helper spaces available.

Instructor Helper Positions are currently available for:
Animal Processing ~ Jeff Sanders
Bow Making ~ Paul Rodgers
Braintanning Buckskin ~ Jay Sliwa & Karie Lee Knoke
Felting ~ Vicki Hillstrom
Fine Pomo Basketry ~ Corine Pearce
Friction Firemaking ~ Myron Cretney
Stone Age Tools ~ David Holladay
Tule Boats ~ Caleb Soltau

They are NOT currently available for:
Blacksmithing ~ Bryce Wood
Plant Medicine ~ John Slattery
Tracking ~ Meghan Walla-Murphy & Brendan Clarke
Weaving ~ Margaret Mathewson

Thanks for considering Pathways, we hope you will join us!