Buckeye: Pathways

Registration is currently set to open Saturday, March 11; watch here for updates

May 10 ~ 16, 2017

After seven years, we are excited to be expanding the Buckeye Gathering.  We have been carrying the question of how to grow well, how to grow at a natural pace, for the last six years that we have filled to capacity.  This is what has emerged: a smaller, more focussed batch of classes, called Pathways.  Our first week, over Beltaine, gathers together all ages and has a wide spectrum of both short and long classes.  Pathways offers a deeper taste: spending five full days with one or a few advanced teachers in specific fields.  For years the Slickrock gathering has been doing this in May in Utah (thanks for sharing the name ‘Pathways’ and the model!).  This fits our vision of delving deeper into Ancestral Arts, and represents the future direction of our organization.

Arrival is on the full moon in May, Wednesday May 10th, and five full days of classes begin the next day.  Camp will close and disperse on Tuesday the 16th.  We expect to learn a lot this first, experimental year: who knows how all the details will shake out?  There will be emergent properties, so come prepared to go with the flow and have some easygoing fun as we learn what this new aspect of village calls for.  Most of the Pathways week will match up with what you find on our website about our first week over Beltaine.  We will feed you breakfast and dinner, you bring your own lunch.  There will be about 180 folks onsite, and less overall activity than the Beltaine week.  We will have a small Family Camp.

Registration will start at the same time as the Beltaine week, in early March.  You can enroll in either week, or both.  If you join us for Pathways, you will enroll in your one class at that time.  Let’s just see how that works, shall we?  This feels like a pivotal moment in our growth and our place in the community.  You are invited to join us for a pretty dang unique opportunity!  If you are unsure about jumping in, trust that there are good reasons we have chosen this and years of thoughtful design. Thanks to all the other gatherings, the pantheon of teachers, the dedicated years of students, the Ancestors who came before, and all the forces that help us gather together each spring.  

2017 Pathways 

We are deeply jazzed and honored to be hosting these advanced teachers!  There is a high level of mastery represented here.  

Stone Tools ~ David Holladay

Corine Pearce ~ Pomo Basketry

Advanced Basket weaving ~ Master Teacher

Bow making ~ Paul Rogers

Flintknapping ~ Greg Nunn

Animal Processing ~ Jeff Sanders

Friction Fire ~ Myron Cretney

Hide tanning ~ Jay Sliwa

Tracking ~ Meghan Walla-Murphy

Primitive Pottery ~ Kelly Magleby

Blacksmithing ~ Bryce Wood

Plant Medicine ~ John Slattery 

Felting ~ TBA